Happy Sunday!

HI- Monoa Falls Trail

HI- Monoa Falls Trail

Something really neat happened to me after I woke up today… I went to the living room with my freshly brewed coffee and sat and stared into the nothingness of life while I allowed my sluggish brain to jump start itself into awareness.  I suddenly came to the realization that I was absent-mindedly watching these alluring and delightful sun rays stream through the dining room window and fall upon a glass angel figurine I keep on the coffee table.  It looked as though God was shining a sunbeam unto this glass angel and it was glowing.  I don’t believe a higher being really was casting  delicate and angelic sunbeams unto my angel figurine, but my point is that is was magnificent and touching to have a little “morning gift” present itself to me so gracefully.  I should have captured a picture of it but I wanted to relax and just live in that moment; when the sun’s glow was resting itself so elegantly and artistically.

Nature is the teacher of art and beauty.  Nature is the master of elegance and grace.  Well, in just my opinion anyway! 😉

I feel happy and blessed right now for so many exciting things… classes awaiting for me to attend this month and the next months to come, things to learn, people to meet, progress to make, things to discover and maybe even adventures to take.

I’m also happy because I am baking a chicken pot pie (one of my favorite foods!) and I cannot wait to devour at least half of the delectable cheese, veggie and chicken pie!

I’m always at some level of love and comfort because my husband is in my life… so that always makes me happy as well!  🙂

For now I think I’ll hush my wandering thoughts and eat pie with the hubby!

Happy Sunday!


Please check out my new page at the top entitled, “Quote Garden”!!!  😀


One thought on “Happy Sunday!

  1. A Servant says:

    If we would all slow down a bit we could share in the simple joy of sunbeams as you did. Thanks for slowing me down today for a peek. (Never mind that it is cloudy here and raining. I can pretend.)
    A Servant

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