The Snow is Falling like I’m Falling for You

Hubby wants a snow ball fight?  I'll give him one by catching him off guard as I continue it outside... Mwahahaha

Hubby wants a snow ball fight? I’ll give him one by catching him off guard as I continue it inside… Mwahahaha

It’s snowing in Virginia Beach!  Having been raised in San Diego, and living in Honolulu the past four years, this is a momentous occasion for me!  Honestly, with the way I think, even if I had seen snow fall a million times, this would still be a momentous occasion for there is no artist or beauty like Mother Earth!  And in case you’re wondering, YES, I have seen snow before!  But!!- only a couple times before 🙂

I love gathering inspiration and motivation from anywhere and everywhere!  Even from cinematic films!  Sometimes the movie doesn’t even need to be a jaw- dropping Titanic-type movie for me to be moved, sometimes even a sweet up-lifter is much appreciated, especially in low moments.

Below, I have complied a list of films that have made me think, made me emotional, made me see the world in a wondrous light or have put a smile on my face.  I hope you take the time to check out these amiable movies on my “Light Hearted” movie list!

Light Hearted Movies:

1. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”-

This movie goes onto my list because it was cute, creative, original and it was about something everyone wants (usually), transformation.  Change for the better.  No longer choosing to be stuck at square one but making that leap of faith to try something different, something you have never done before.  Beautiful.  Simple but the message was lovely.

New release, can find it pretty much anywhere

2. “The Secret”-

In all actuality, this movie did not blow me away.  But I know it influenced so many of my friends!  At one point it felt like EVERYONE was talking about this film.  They made a lot of strong and assertive points: Think about you want, not what you are lacking.  Give the universe your longing, give it your desires instead of producing negative energy.  Good point but the rest of it just didn’t vibe with me.  It goes on here because it has changed people’s lives.

On Netflix as of January 2014

3. “DisneyNature: Wings of Life”-

This movie touched my heart and lit a light in my soul.  It was GORGEOUS!  “Wings of Life” is a Disney nature film but to call it a nature film or a wildlife film just isn’t giving it the justice it deserved.  As a disclaimer:  I am one of thos nature freaks who will stare for hours into a deserted bird’s nest so if nature isn’t a great beauty for you, it may not your think but I speculate that even if you aren’t a nature lover. you will be AMAZED by this film.  It isn’t dry or trite.  It is spectacular!

On Netflix as of January 2014

4. “Watch Nature: Animal Odd Couples”-

I can’t lie, this film made me cry.  But I always get teary eyed over inspiring animal movies.  I consider this film a MUST SEE. especially is you are an animal lover.  From this film you will learn about, yes, animal relationships that they have with each other (e.g. in one of the stories a goat led a blind horse around a farm as a sort of seeing eye dog… or seeing eye goat…) but you will also learn about life in general… it will get the wheels in your head turning, so to speak.  I highly recommend seeing this film!

On Netflix as of January 2014

5.  “Yoga Is: A Transformational Journey”-

Wait!  Don’t skip this one if you’re not active, or curious about yoga.  I have done yoga, BUT I believe that even if you haven’t done yoga or it isn’t your cup of tea, it will still be worth seeing!  This film is actually a documentary chronicling a woman’s journey in India and how she discovered yoga.  This documentary was truly inspiring and definitley motivational, in the sense it indulges you to go out and buy a yoga mat but also in the sense it gives you motivation to change your life for the better.  And what could be better than that?

On Netflix as of January 2014

6. “Moving Art”-

This movie isn’t for everyone.  In fact, it may turn out that I am the only person who enjoys this movie, HOWEVER, it was rated really well on a website that my husband was looking at the other day.  These is no narrative, commentator, no talking at all.  It’s a film that shows pictures of nature, moving to classical music.  Incredibly simple, very slow but I enjoyed it none-the-less so maybe you will enjoy it as well.  There are four different films under the “Moving Art” title: “Moving Art Forests”, “Moving Art Flowers”, “Moving Art Oceans” and “Moving Art Deserts”.

On Netflix as of January 2014

7. “Katy Perry Part of Me”-

I saved this one last because I didn’t want my movie list to suffer prejudice because of this pick.  Don’t roll your eyes at this one because even my husband liked this film (even though he found it difficult to admit).  I am a Katy Perry fan, songs like “Firework”, “Roar”, “Part of Me”, “Birthday” and dozens of others are just too good not to fully appreciate.  Her message is clear: it’s okay to be weird, it’s okay to be different, you are still special  and deserve to be loved.  Why don’t more musicians praise this message to their audiences?  As for her “Teenage Dream” , whip cream flowing out of canisters hooked to her breasts, alter ego… don’t ask me what I think because it’s beyond me.  This film starts off with fans (most are very young) explaining in private videos how Katy Perry inspired them to just be themselves.  Right then you realize that the film is off to a good start.  It is very candid regarding her divorce from then husband, Russell Brand…. but you’ll still enjoy it.  It’s raw, inspiring, moving, triumphed, exciting and at times gritty (e.g. when her husband texts her he wants a divorce she has several melt downs, like collapsing into tears right before she is to go on stage.  A must see film.

On Vudu and Amazon Instant as of January 2014

   I hope you enjoyed this compilation of inpiring, motivational and light hearted films!  I strongly recommend these movies, so if you eve find yourself, soul searching, pondering or bored, check out my list because they are worth seeing!

Snow in VB, baby!!

Snow in VB, baby!!

Now time for a weather update:  It is snowing so hard right now that the streets are blanketed in a fresh dewy ice quilt and let’s keep in mind that this is Virginia Beach, the last time it snowed here was four years ago and I don’t even think it was sticking to the ground and by tomorrow we should have 2-4 inches of snow so I am understanding why the sidewalks and road or littered with salt and why the city got the snow plows ready!!  Now to collect snow in a bowl, add cream and vanilla and have some snow cream;  great idea by the hubby!  😉 Also enjoyed an epic now ball fight during the duration of me writing this post!

                                         Happy and safe winter from beautiful Virginia!

My car is covered in snow, YAY!

My car is covered in snow, YAY!


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