Birds   My name is Amy, I am in my twenties and am a military wife!  I am originally from San Diego, California.  I have lived in Honolulu, HI for the past four years but am currently residing in Virginia Beach, VA!   I have traveled all over the country and absolutely love every piece of the US that I have seen thus far.   I have interned for a California Senator, worked as a Phlebotomist and was even a host of a local TV show in Hawaii.  My mother is a writer and has written several books, and I suppose this is where I get my writing from.

I live happily with my husband, our two scorpions and tarantula!


My mission:

Many different words come to mind when I think of a cozy place: safe, nurturing, relaxing, quiet, small, warm, welcoming… and my hopes for this blog is to make it a cozy place for myself and for you the reader.  My goal is that this will be a source of comfort, advice, suggestions, inspiration and fun for the both of us.  I intend to fill this blog like I would a leather bound journal, taking crisp blank fresh sheets  and scribbling unto them love, ideas, stories, creativity, wisdom and whatever else.   Hopefully, it won’t just be me doing all the writing and sharing, hopefully you as well will partake in the connection we make through comments.

It’s difficult to find a cozy place in this fast paced, sleek, developing world but perhaps if we build our own cozy place within ourselves and through human connection, we can always take a cozy place with us, everywhere we go!  Let’s at least try!

Welcome, to my creative recipes, anecdotes, DIY projects, fresh ideas and comforting thoughts and expressions!



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