Life is a Riddle




French friesDAY!!!!!!!

Happy Friday, world of internet readers!  Today, I am excited for the weekend and I wanted to post a cheerful, fun, excited post to my fellow weekenders!  Through out the week I have been saving  clips and pictures to share with you guys so I hope you enjoy them and at least get a small chuckle from them!

This weekend maybe you should:

For silly laughs:

Restore you faith in some brands:

Take a piece of advice for this weekend:

Funny Pics:

01pit 01doggie

Yay!- you stayed with me through this blog now give me a


Have a great weekend and Friday!  Much love from my screen to yours!  ❤


<3 ily!! <3

Courage the cowardly dog.

Courage the cowardly dog.


Since when has Valentine’s day been like Christmas?  I have expensive gifts to wrap, cards to make, things to bake and a new outfit to wear and am nervous about doing my hair.  I remember in high school V-Day was a joke holiday… now that I’m older it’s an actual HOLIDAY!  But I like it so I guess it’s okay! 🙂

<3 <3 <3

Even if you don’t have a Valentine… treat yourself with friends or alone.  There’s no reason not to celebrate!

Below is a fun recipe for V-Day!  Weather you make these for this year or the next these are sure yummy Valentine’s Day treats!

Yummy sweetheart pops!

Yummy sweetheart pops!

I hope everyone has a great day!