Random Thoughts

Random thoughts are piercing my brain and I need to let them leak unto this post; like letting the blood ooze out of the cranium to relieve pressure from a swollen brain.


I’m 25 years old but all I need right now is to play on a  swing set.

Relationships are like an absence in the teeth; love the infection, spreads from the mouth to the brain killing the brain due to over analysis, comparison, self torment and confusion.

Sometimes I just let myself rot.

If you let me, I’ll be good to you.  But I’m only human; made only of flesh, bone and blood.  You resist; I tremble and am afraid.  What do I do to warrant this rejection?  So, now I have to pretend that I don’t like you so I can keep you interested, all the while looking over my shoulder to make sure that you are still watching the performance.  Can’t it be that for once we just skip this lover’s dance?  Instead, you continue to make me dance to the point my feet fall asleep and I am truly exhausted.

That’s it for now, I have writer’s block, not sure how I what I should do for this blog.  Much love internet world!  ❤ Happy Wednesday!




Give Sorrow Words

Today I have been skimming through internet pages and have been coming across some pretty astounding and gorgeous pieces of art so I thought I would share it with you.    Please visit http://www.pinterest.com/saltriveramy/ to view some of  these amazing works of art!  Below are some beautiful pieces that I wanted to share as well:

(None of these are my own artwork!  Enjoy!!)

2181960_world-most-beautiful-PAINTING_620 gorgeous-women-paintings-by-svetlana-valueva-12 tumblr_le5km7i4TG1qa09sno1_500

There’s a settle simplicity that these paintings have in common yet they are striking and deep.  It’s like you can feel the artists through the paintings.  In the first painting I can almost swipe my finger through the lit up puddles pooling at the bottom of the street.

Now what I am about to say is completely off topic, but forgive me for I own a scattered brain… One of my favorite novels is, “A Movable Feast” by Ernst Hemingway.  I mention this now because over this past year I have gained a lot but have lost a lot as well.  But when you are deprived of something I believe you eventually gain something in it’s place.  When you overcome loss, you replace grief with growth, change, understanding, love, and appreciation.  When you lose, the result is to mature, to age, learn acceptance and develop methods of letting go.  I can’t form my words eloquently  like Hemingway can so I will let him explain to you, on my behalf, of what I mean by “loss”:

“You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light. But you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen. When the cold rains kept on and killed the spring, it was as though a young person died for no reason.”
Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

Loss hurts, but remember that even as the ocean erodes the shore, the waves sculpt the rocks into something that they never were before.  Create out of loss, create something that was never there before.   Shakespeare once wrote, “Give Sorrow Words”.  Simplistic, yet striking and deep.  Give sorrow words, or give it a face made out of paint, or a voice sung from your own throat, or a feeling that is laid upon a listening ear … Maybe an observation of the changing seasons.

“Don’t Curse the darkness, light a candle” – Unknown

Pinning Up Love

"Like the butterfly, I have the strength & the hope to believe, that in time I will emerge from my cocoon... Transformed"

“Like the butterfly, I have the strength & the hope to believe, that in time I will emerge from my cocoon… Transformed”

This past Christmas, as a Christmas gift, I was given two lovely scrapbooks and scrap booking paper, so I came to the conclusion that the tickets, cards, pictures, post cards and etc., would have to be taken down from my scrapbooking memo board and put into my new scrapbooks.  That meant, the memo board hanging in my living room needed a drastic make over!  So for weeks now, I have been trying to figure out what to decorate my memo board with and for the past few days an idea has been forming.  I choose to make a “Things I love” theme for my memo board.   Today, I put up quotes, pictures that had no particular belonging anywhere, a post card, a book mark, and other pretty things that I love onto my board.    I am not 100% pleased with my results but I figured I would post what I have done this far and share my ideas about it!

Here is what came out of my idea:

The finishing product!

The finishing product!

Not too bad…

  Maybe my board just needs a few touches to it… really I believe that that is all that it needs.  Of course, I have no desire in having it come out overdone either!

I am, however, pleased with the idea of saving a little space on the board to have a daily new “pin up”.  Every day I will use this little space to share a quote, song lyric, movie line or whatever.  I’ll share with you what today’s “pin up” was…

Quote for today: "Don't give up what you want most, for what you want now"

Quote for today: “Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want now”

Don’t give up what you want most,

for what you want now”

Pretty good advice, especially for having found it online!!!

Cup of tea...

Cup of tea…

  I hope this helps you decide what to do with an unused memo board!  I got a lot of inspiration online (the quotes are from the internet)… just grab inspiration from everything you can so it can help you get your creative juices flowing!  Get inspired and then add your own “zest” to it!  Add you’re own flare, touch, talent, knowledge or whatever tool you have to your benefit!

  Sometimes creativity is something that can be applied to everyday life.  It can be small and simple but it’s intent isn’t always to receive applause or to be awarded a blue ribbon… sometimes it’s intent is more humble than that.  Maybe sometimes it’s intent is to make a smile, touch a heart, inspire a new hope or to just add a little joy to the everyday.   Sometimes, the “little things” all added up at the end of a long life are more important than we think, in the end; because it taught us to appreciate the little things and to take nothing and turn it into something.  Whimsical fun retrains are brains to have a refreshing and joyful outlook on life.

Hope this inspires something in you! 😀

Happy Sunday!

HI- Monoa Falls Trail

HI- Monoa Falls Trail

Something really neat happened to me after I woke up today… I went to the living room with my freshly brewed coffee and sat and stared into the nothingness of life while I allowed my sluggish brain to jump start itself into awareness.  I suddenly came to the realization that I was absent-mindedly watching these alluring and delightful sun rays stream through the dining room window and fall upon a glass angel figurine I keep on the coffee table.  It looked as though God was shining a sunbeam unto this glass angel and it was glowing.  I don’t believe a higher being really was casting  delicate and angelic sunbeams unto my angel figurine, but my point is that is was magnificent and touching to have a little “morning gift” present itself to me so gracefully.  I should have captured a picture of it but I wanted to relax and just live in that moment; when the sun’s glow was resting itself so elegantly and artistically.

Nature is the teacher of art and beauty.  Nature is the master of elegance and grace.  Well, in just my opinion anyway! 😉

I feel happy and blessed right now for so many exciting things… classes awaiting for me to attend this month and the next months to come, things to learn, people to meet, progress to make, things to discover and maybe even adventures to take.

I’m also happy because I am baking a chicken pot pie (one of my favorite foods!) and I cannot wait to devour at least half of the delectable cheese, veggie and chicken pie!

I’m always at some level of love and comfort because my husband is in my life… so that always makes me happy as well!  🙂

For now I think I’ll hush my wandering thoughts and eat pie with the hubby!

Happy Sunday!


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